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How to Write the Perfect CV and Cover Letter

Even though much of the recruitment process has moved online, the CV and covering letter are still crucial parts of applying for a job. In fact, with automated systems to weed out applicants that aren’t exactly what the company want, there is an even greater emphasis placed on having the perfect CV and should you reach a real person, your cover letter can sway attention in your favour. So here are some tips to creating the perfect CV and cover letter.

CV Tips

Every time you apply for a job, you should make subtle changes to your CV to ensure it is completely relevant to the job in question. While some basics such as your experience and education don’t change much, consider looking at descriptions to see what skills will be relevant and highlight these.

Using the job description to create sections such as a personal statement can also be a good tip. Try to highlight the things about yourself that will most appeal to the employer – for example, your love of wind surfing might be important if you are applying as a wind surfing instructor but not so much if you are applying for an accountant role.

Keywords in CVs is an element that has come about with the internet-based recruitment sector. Automated CV checking services look for keywords that are highlighted in the job description, so make sure you include these in your CV. Don’t spam them or make it unnatural but ensure that you use the words naturally in the flow of the document.


One area where people often get side-tracked is formatting – all those stylish layouts with funky fonts and bright colours might seem like they will grab someone’s attention. But this isn’t always the reality.

If you approach someone like Purple CV writing service and ask what’s the best format for a CV, they will tell you that simple is best. Sure, a photo will help make you a real person but fancy formatting, complex fonts and lots of colours can simply make the CV hard work and relegate it to the bin.

Cover letter

Whether you are sending a traditional cover letter or an email version, you want to give a little information about yourself in it without going into too much detail.  You want to let them know what role you are applying for and a glimpse of why you would be great. That way you have a better chance of catching their attention rather than simply telling them what you are doing.

Get help

Your CV and cover letter is a very important document and don’t be afraid to get help if you don’t feel up to the job. CV writing services are available for a reasonable fee and are definitely an investment in your future. By having an expert take your information and create a personalised, relevant CV filled with the right keywords and advertising what you do best, you can increase your chances of getting that job immensely.